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Surveys and monitoring

Over the summer months many of our Quantock Hills species are monitored by our volunteers and staff.  Butterflies, birds, reptiles, dormice and even ticks have been surveyed over the years.

A female adder snake

Surveying for this shy but surprising snake, with its distinctive black zigzag, on the top of the Quantock Hills.

Male red deer called a stag

Counting the number of deer over the Quantock Hills.

A volunteer checking a nestbox for pied flycatchers

A rare summer visitor to the Quantock Hills temperate rainforests.

Two people having a picnic overlooking a rocky coast

The team are interested to know trends how visitors use the Quantock Hills, including whether visitor numbers are increasing and any changes to patterns of use.

Volunteers with bat detectors listening for bats

Surveying the distribution and abundance of the only true flying mammal.

Surveying for this elusive woodland specialist.

Pied Flycatcher

Quantock Common is designated an Important Bird Area, first identified in 2000 for its population of breeding heathland birds.

A small green butterfly perched on grass

Summer surveys, assessing the species diversity of butterflies and moths across the Quantock Hills.

A summer visitor, the nightjar inhabits the heathland and woodland edges of the Quantock hilltops.

Tick a small a mite

Ticks are small arachnids found throughout the countryside. They like to live on warm-blooded animals such as sheep and deer.

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