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Quantock Hills Information Leaflets

Heathland Birds of the Quantock Hills - Why is the Quantock Heathland so important for birdlife? Click image to download
The Historic Landscape of the Quantock Hills - The great history of the Quantock Hills from Neolithic to present day   
Click image to download
Deer on the Quantocks - The importance of deer on the Quantock Hills, including their lifecycle and management   Click image to download
Highway Heritage Project - Detailing the very successful LHI project which renovated most of the traditional road signs in the Quantock Hills
 Click image to download
Geology and Fossils of the Quantock Hills and Coast - Sea Dragons 200 million year old marine snails and how the majestic Quantock ridge was formed   
Click image to download
Managing Beech Hedge Banks  - These great hedgerows and tree belts are classic features in the landscape of the Quantock Hills

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Other leaflets:

Tick information 

There are some simple precautions you can take to reduce your chances of getting bitten by a Tick.  Keep to paths and tracks.  If passing through areas of rough vegetation it’s a good idea to tuck trousers into socks.  Check your clothing and exposed skin for ticks at regular intervals and again at the end of the day.

The above downloadable leaflets provide simple, easily digested introductory information on Ticks and on Lyme disease.

Policies and Codes of Conduct
Everyone enjoys spending their time on the hills doing different activities. Below are some guidance and policy documents to ensure they are carried out safely and that wider regulations are followed.

The Countryside Code - Respect other people, protect the natural environment and enjoy the outdoors

Quantock Hills Drone Policy - if flying a drone please follow this guidance

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