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Have your say on priorities for the Quantock Hills National Landscape

The Quantock Hills National Landscape Partnership are asking people who work, live, visit and enjoy the Quantock Hills to choose what they think are the most important issues that need tackling in the National Landscapes.

Issues including nature, climate, social, economic, access and heritage are all being considered by the Quantock Hills National Landscape Partnership as part of the review of the Quantock Hills National Landscape Management Plan which will cover the period 2025 – 2030.

Quantock Hills Manager Iain Porter said “We have been collating messages, feedback and comments from people during the last Management Plan period which has been useful in identifying some of the issues, but we are aware that there has been significant change over the last five years including the Landscape Review 2019, expectations on what green spaces provides for society and requirements for sustainable land use. Feedback from our communities will ensure all issues are considered in the new Management Plan.”

Chair of the Quantock Hills National Landscape Partnership, Hugh Warmington said “we are delighted with feedback that comes into the partnership, but it would be great to hear from more people. We want to hear from anyone with an interest in what happens in the Quantock Hills. Not only will you be telling the Partnership what is important to you, but the Management Plan will help shape what partners and other stakeholders such as Somerset Council, Natural England, Forestry Commission, and lots of other bodies will be doing in the Quantock Hills National Landscape.”


Feedback is through an online survey which will be open until 7th April and can be accessed through this link: 



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