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Walking with Wheels - Ramscombe to Wills Neck [CATEGORY 3 RED]

A Disabled Ramblers Route - From the woodland of Ramscombe to the highest point on the Quantock Hills this route explores both the intimate habitats to the wide open vistas


Walk info


Nearest postcode:

10.6km (6.5 miles)

3 hours

Look out for

Majestic Douglas Fir trees towering over Ramscombe, Red and Roe Deer fliting through the trees, buzzards and skylarks soaring over the heathland there is plenty of wildlife on this route. The route also explores the wonderful historic heritage of the Quantock Hills passing Triscombe Stone before reaching the highest point, Wills Neck, with wonderful 360 degree views across Somerset.


Start location

Nearest postcode:


Facilities nearby

Toilets, accessible toilet on site. Cafe at entrance to Great Wood (not Forestry England).

Transport and parking

There are three car parks in Great Wood, charges apply.


A Disabled Ramblers Route - Developed by the Disabled Ramblers this route starts in the majestic Great Wood, with towering Douglas Fir trees, passes Triscombe Stone, the historic meeting places of the Drovers tracks, where ledgend has it a wish will be granted to those that sit on the stone at sunrise, before climbing to Wills Neck, the highest point on the Quantock Hills (386m)

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