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Hawkridge Woods

A short walk exploring woodland around Hawkridge Reserviour with a restored limekiln and some hidden views.


The restored limekiln at Hawkridge Woods

Walk info


Nearest postcode:

1.5km (1 mile)

1 hour

Look out for

Roe deer running through the woods, the restored limekiln and wintering water birds on Hawkridge Reserviour.


Start location

Nearest postcode:


Facilities nearby

Toilets including a wheechair accessible toilet avaiable for anglers only. Nearest public facilities at Great Wood or Fyne Court

Transport and parking

Free car parking in large layby at Hawkridge Reservior viewpoint.


This short walk starting at Hawkridge Reservior explores a small woodland, where a restored limekiln slowely emerges from the landscape before providing views often hidden across Aisholt Common and east across Hawkridge Reservior.

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