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Cothelstone Hill

This walk explores the woodlands and grasslands of Cothelstone Hill taking in views across the whole of Somerset


Seven Sister landmark

Walk info


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4km (2.5 miles)

1.5 hours

Look out for

A herd of Exmoor Ponies graze the hilltop. In spring and summer the hill is great for farmland birds. Lots of heritage features from the Seven Sister beech tree clump to ancient burial mounds.


Start location

Nearest postcode:


Facilities nearby

Fyne Court - toilets / accessible toilet / cafe / designated parking

Transport and parking

Free car parking on site.


The walk takes you through mixed woodland with hazel and ash trees before climbing onto the open hilltop and some of the best views in Somerset. You'll pass a number of historic features such as ancient barrows and cairns and at the top of the hill walk by Seven Sisters, a beech tree clump which can be seen from many miles away. The hill is often alive with bird song but for many the main attraction is the resident herd of Exmoor Ponies.

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