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Time to take stock and reflect

“Whatever I chance upon there is always that peace and wellbeing that finds me here – what are we meant to gain from nature if you share my world view, perhaps even that we are designed for.” – Caroline Greville 2006

It is a time of change; a feeling of uncertainty. Yet there is a buzz in the air. A bitter sweet farewell and ending of projects for the year, but with it brings hope of new opportunities and an energy about the place – like birds darting here and there in their mad dash of anticipation a new challenge awaits us – that we are all in it together.

With Christmas now fast approaching and the winter evenings drawing in, there is a feeling of things quietening down – nature hunkers down for the ‘night’ as we wrap our scarfs and coats more closely around us.

Not all nature is asleep – I went out for a walk around Fyne court this afternoon and you only had to stop and listen to hear the birds chirping away – a robin greeting me a hello as I walk by,he follows me for a while. As I look up at the trees I spy a tree creeper twitching up along the branches.

You can also see signs of life among the fallen leaves. Wildflowers still show signs of emerging and brushing the landscape with a dash of colour. The lichen clothing the trees and branches is also a sign of life; this is not to be overlooked. Drab clothes are lit up, protecting the sleeping life beneath. Nature carries on. And so do we.