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Cothelstone Hill

Open hilltop leased by the South West Heritage Trust with some of the best views across Somerset.

More info:

Ponies on Cothelstone Hill

7 sisters from the west

Best time to visit

Good all year around.

Look out for

Bird watching, from yellow hammers, linnets and stonechats. In summer visiting Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers can be seen fliting through the woods. In spring carpets of bluebells can been seen in the woodlands stretching onto the open hill. In autumn spend time exploring the grassland for a wonderful array of fungi including the colourful waxcaps. With it high elevation and open aspect the hill is a great spot to undertake a bit of star gazing.

Getting there


Nearest postcode:

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Facilities nearby

Fyne Court - toilets / accessible toilet / cafe / designated parking

Transport and parking

Parking is avaliable on site for approxately 30 cars.


Main route - accessible surface to lower viewpoint. Other routes uneven terrain with some steep slopes including cross slopes.

Cothelstone Hill is a fantastic open country site in the southern end of the Quantock Hills providing some of the best views across Somerset. The hill is 90 hectares (about 126 football pitches) in size with high quality broadleaf woodland fringing the hilltop, itself full of species rich grassland. Cothelstone Hill is a great place to go walking with a self-guided circular walk or just to emerse yourself in nature and the landscape. The hill is home to a wealth of archaeological features, historic landmarks such as the iconic Seven Sisters and clues to ancient stories.

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