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Dogs off lead

When and where can I let my dog off the lead?

The grass and heathland of the Quantocks is a prime breeding habitat for nationally rare and sensitive reptiles and ground nesting birds, so between 1st March and 31st July the rule on Quantock open access land is to stick to the public rights of way and keep your dog under control and on a lead.


Search here to find out which land is open access

On other parts of the hills (not open access) you must keep to rights of way, your dog can be off the lead but must be under close control.  Unless you are sure of your dog’s recall, always keep them on a lead when walking on rights of way or near livestock.  Be aware that all year-round farmers with rights of common have their cattle, sheep and horses roaming free on the hilltop. Remember, it is legal for a farmer to shoot a dog that is worrying their livestock, so ensure that you keep your dog completely under control.

Illustration of a dog with a ball
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