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Greater Quantock Landscape Development Fund

Funding for land managers and communities to enhance landscape, nature and heritage.

Start date:

1 Oct 2014

End date:



Greater Quantock Landscape Development Fund


Somerset Council / EDF Energy

More info:

The Quantock Hills AONB Service is delivering the Greater Quantock Landscape Development Fund providing grants of up to £5,000 to local communities, farmers, landowners and individuals and landscape enhancement projects. The fund has been provided by EDF Energy and is part of the mitigation measures associated with the Hinkley Point C development. Since its launch in 2015 the funding has support over 50 projects and has enabled over 2.7km o new native hedge to be planted, nearly 4km of importance hedgerow to be managed over 250 orchard trees to be planted, 12Ha of woodland brought back into management, over 2,000 native trees to be planted and nearly 12Ha of wildflower meadows to be planted. Get in touch with our Landscape Projects Officer if you want more information.

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