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Quantock Hills Management Plan 

2019 - 2024

The Quantock Hills AONB Management Plan is really significant for protecting the Area of Outstanding

Natural Beauty into the future as it sets the agenda for the AONB team, Joint Advisory Committee

and the wide range of Quantock partners for the next 5 years.

Management Plan front photo.JPG

Thanks for all your help!

Having asked for your views and contributions during the review of the previous Management Plan over the last year,

we now have a shiny new Quantock Hills Management Plan 2019-2024 to see us into the future! 

Quantock Hills Delivery Plan 2019-2024

Delivery Plan 19-24 - Front Cover.JPG

Document outlining the delivery by the AONB and partners in support of the statutory AONB Management Plan.

The plan is a live document which will be reviewed on an annual basis allowing opportunities and issues to be captured.

Downloadable via the link below:

Click button to download -

This report gives key data for the AONB 

Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment 

This Environmental Assessment of the Draft Plan is a legal requirement

to accompany the Management Plan Review.  

Draft SEA cover page.jpg
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