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Hunting for the Gurt Worm, Quantock Dragon and fairy Lords and Ladies of Dowsborough Hillfort!

Last Tuesday we welcomed groups of families onto the Quantock Hills for a Folklore Walk starting at Dead Woman’s Ditch. This adventurous walk was hosted by Halsway Manor and led by story teller Clare Viner as part of their Heritage Lottery Fund project “Future Halsway”.

It was a gentle stroll for a few hours stopping at various points to pick whortleberries, listen to exciting tales from Clare (including a new spin on the naming of Dead Woman’s Ditch, as well as some more well-known stories such as The Emerald Dragon and The Lords and the Ladies of Dowsborough Fort) and to learn some history and natural history from me.

We had a beautiful view from the top of Dowsborough Hillfort whilst we ate our lunch and then the walk back to the start with the bonus of seeing a red deer and a roe deer. For more information about other event Halsway Manor have planned follow this link

A big thank you to some of our Volunteer Rangers who helped on the day.


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