Enjoy the breadth of wonderful wildlife on the Quantock Hills. From bats to birds, funghi to fawns, the Quantocks has it all. Click on our News to find out what you can see and experience this month

All year round you can find the Exmoor pony herd at Cothelstone Hill.  This herd of 10 ponies is looked after by the AONB Service, and helps us keep the hill beautiful by ‘conservation grazing’.  This means they eat or trample on vegetation less beneficial to wildlife, but leave the heather and plants we are trying to conserve.  For great bird watching the sessile oak woods around Holford are a great place to take your binoculars.  If lucky you’ll see wood warblers, woodpeckers and in the summer months pied flycatchers and nightjars.  Red deer also favour the woodland, but are tricky to spot as they are so well camouflaged.  The heathland is home to the adder, britains only venomous repilte, but you would be extremely fortunate to spot this reclusive, secretive creature.  If you do see one let us know!  You should on the other hand spot buzzards circling in the thermals, and may also see red deer if you are lucky, particularly at dawn or dusk. 

Horse Riding

Experience the ‘wild’ hills on horseback

Some say the best way to see the wonderful wildlife around you is to see it on horseback.  See red deer, buzzards soaring on the thermals, and hear the huge diversity of birdlife along the wooded trails.

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Mountain Biking

Protect Whilst Riding

Please keep to designated bridleways across the Quantock Hills to help us protect this sensitive area.

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Indulge your love of wildlife watching

With patience and luck you can see a vast aray of wildlife right through the year.  Follow waymarked trails, or explore the vast networks of footpaths all over the hills.

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Day Trips

Treat yourself to a day out on the Quantocks

What to do if you don’t want to walk, cycle or ride

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