Quantock Hills AONB Service Who's Who?

  • AONB Manager - Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards AONB Manager

    The role of Manager encompasses a wide range of activities that include: Day to day management of the team, developing AONB policy, commenting on behalf of JAC on planning applications and statutory consultations and ensuring good working practices with all partnerships.

  • Development Officer - Iain Porter

    Iain PorterDevelopment Officer

    The role of a Development Officer is varied and includes, the planning and development of the AONB Service projects that will implement the action points from the Management Plan. This will include sourcing funding for many of the projects. Other responsibilities include ICT support and the management of the Quantock Hills Sustainable Development Fund.

  • Landscape Planning Officer - Emma-Jane Preece

    Emma-Jane Preece Landscape Planning Officer

    With AONBs being a landscape designation it is important to have a role who can influence policy on planning in and around the AONB. This post develops guidance on planning and links with the local planning authorities to ensure that any development is sensitive to the needs of the AONB landscape.

  • Support Officer, Communications - Georgie Grant

    Georgie Grant Support Officer, Communications

    This Support Officer role deals with all aspects of communications. This includes producing newsletters, annual reports, managing public relations and media enquiries and managing our website which is the first point of contact for many visitors.

  • Support Officer, Finance - Jane Lillis

    Jane Lillis Support Officer, Finance

    The Support Officer role includes administration, the day to day running of the Quantock Office and supporting the other officers and rangers in their roles.

The Rangers - The rangers are the first point of contact for many residents and visitors to the Quantock Hills. You may see them out on patrol or undertaking practical task on the ground and they can provide useful information on many elements of the AONB.

  • Senior Ranger - Tim Russell

    Tim Russell Senior Ranger

    Tim's key role is public access and he works closely with Somerset County Council Right of Way section, landowners and farmers to improve the Rights of Way and Open Access within the AONB. Tim is also involved with a number heritage and community projects from the Management Plan.

  • Ranger - Andy Harris

    Andy Harris Ranger

    Andy's main role is Habitats and Biodiversity and this includes working with farmers and commoners to ensure the continued protection of the conservation areas within the AONB. Andy's role is key in many of the partnerships of the AONB Service such as the Quantock Common Management Group and the Police and Conservation Working Group.