Nether Stowey

Village or town?

  • Buzzard’s eye view of Nether Stowey

    Nether Stowey has many houses, streets and shops. There is much that is old in Nether Stowey, and also lots that is new.

  • Octagonal market building

    Nether Stowey has a Market Place. This is the old Market building. There was a bell at the top.

  • Clock tower

    Now there is a clock tower in the market place. The bell is still there.

  • The old market square

    This is how the Market Place used to look

  • An Inn

    Lots of people came to market. They could stay at one of the inns.

  • Toll-house

    People had to pay a toll to use the road into Nether Stowey. They had to pay for animals too. This is where the toll-collector lived.

  • This very unusual ornamental 18th century building is at the corner of the garden of Stowey Court.  It looks over the old coach road from Minehead to Bridgwater. It is said that the ladies of Stowey Court liked to watch the horse-drawn coaches as they passed by.

    The ladies at Stowey Court liked to watch the carriages go by.

"How Many Windows?"

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Some old houses in Nether Stowey.

  • Old house in Nether Stowey
  • Large, well-built  18th century town house, made of red sandstone.
  • There are several fine houses like this in Nether Stowey, The  owners must have been doing well in their businesses, so they had money to spend on their homes
  • An ordinary cottage visited by the poet Coleridge

    A famous poet lived in this house.

  • Now the National Trust looks after it.

  • On top of a natural mound of rock are the remains of Nether Stowey Castle

    Once there was a castle on this hill.

  • Car mechanic's garage, adapted from on old coach house.

    This building hasn’t always been a garage.

  • AONB office and Nether Stowey library

    This is the old primary school, but it has a different use today.

  • The old school

    This part of the old school was built nearly 200 years ago.

  • The new school

  • Nether Stowey's church

    The new church building.

The new fire-station.

  • Fire-station

"What is Red?"

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  • New homes being built in Nether Stowey

    Some of the newest homes in Nether Stowey