East Quantoxhead

East Quantoxhead has a long history.
It has been owned by the Luttrell family for more than 800 years.

The estate stretches from the hills…

  • View from the coast to the Quantock Hills.

…to the sea.

  • A path down to East Quantoxhead beach.

Farm buildings cluster round the church and the manor (called Court House). They are the oldest buildings in the village.

  • Court House.

This side of Court House was added nearly 400 years ago

  • The later parts of Court House have large windows with carved stone mullions and transoms. Over the porch is a carved coat of arms.

"Hat Watch"

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but parts of it are much older

  • Here you can see evidence of a medieval tower, much older than the rest of the building. You can see the crenellated top, blocked and changed windows, and iron crosses on the old wall to stop it sagging.

East Quantoxhead has some unusual farm buildings, like this round barn. It was built for a horse-turned mill. Next to it is a modern tractor.

  • Restored medieval tithe barn, a cart shed, round ‘engine house’ and shelter sheds.

This thatched ‘garden shed’ is actually 400-year old cattle byre …

  • Stone 'shed'.

..and this fine stone building is a henhouse!

  • Stone henhouse.

This pond was made to collect water to power a flour mill. East Quantoxhead used to have a windmill as well.

  • Manor millpond

Bob Wake, the miller and baker, used to deliver bread to East Quantoxhead, Kilve, Kilton, Lilstock and St. Audries. Today the old mill house is a private home.

  • Manor Mill.

Visitors like the old-fashioned look of East Quantoxhead, where time seems to have stood still.

  • An old photo of a group of thatched cob cottages.
  • A row of estate cottages at East Quantoxhead.18thc Liestone rubble, roughcast .

East Quantoxhead Village Hall

  • East Quantoxhead Village Hall.