Village or town?

Today Crowcombe is a pretty little place with thatched cottages.

  • Crowcombe in the 1930s.
  • Crowcombe in the 2006.

It has one shop,

  • Crowcombe local shop.

a pub,

  • Carew Arms.

a new village hall,

  • Crowcombe Hall.

a village school

  • Crowcombe Primary School.

and its own by-pass.

  • Main road through Crowcombe

But, once upon a time, Crowcombe was a town

How do we know?

Here are some clues

  • Crowcombe Court

    There are some grand buildings in Crowcombe. Some of them belonged to families who had grown rich and powerful.

  • Church House

    This well-built house was for the ordinary people of Crowcombe. If they were ill or homeless they stayed here. It was also used as a school and a law court (with a place for stray animals). Only a town would have a building like this.

  • Red sandstone cross

    This is the key clue to show why Crowcombe once grew rich. It is a cross, made of red sandstone. It was put up in the 1300s to show where the market was held. For 400 years, Crowcombe was a market town.