• View from the top of Bicknoller church.

    Bicknoller is a peaceful Quantock village, lying below Bicknoller Hill. Here is an old postcard of Bicknoller Hill. Can you guess where it was taken from?

There are old and new houses in Bicknoller.

  • Old cottages and new houses cluster around the church.
  • Bicknoller

Many years ago there was a school in Bicknoller.

  • An old postcard showing a building described as Bicknoller school.

Now Bicknoller has its own shop.

  • The community shop and post office.

This wooden post is more useful than it looks!

  • The Bicknoller Post on Quantock Common

Around Bicknoller

The beautiful old Manor House at Halsway. People stay here from all over the world.

  • Halsway Manor

Further up is a long bank and ditch crossing the hill.

  • Trendle Ring

    Bicknoller Hill is a mysterious place. The big, round shape in the middle of the photo is called Trendle Ring. Iron Age people made it. It can be seen all the way from Exmoor.

  • Trendle Ring

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Nearby is Thorncombe Barrow. It is a Bronze Age burial mound, about 3,000 years old. It must have been hard work to build because it is right at the top of the hill.

Archaeologists have also found the edges of old fields. They show that, until 1600, people used the hill for growing rye.