Getting From Place to Place

People have always needed to get from place to place, on foot, on horseback, on bicycles, in carts, carriages, tractors, lorries, trains and cars. The Quantock hills are criss-crossed with paths, tracks, lanes and roads. How many of these do you driven, ridden or walked along?


The best way to really get to know the Quantocks is on foot. There are many old rights of way across and between fields, through woods and over the Common. The Quantock Rangers look after these footpaths and make new ones too.


There have been trackways over the Quantocks for as long as there have been people. Tracks like this were used by herdsmen to drive their animals to market.

The hilltop tracks weren’t made for heavy traffic. They don’t have a hard surface and can be damaged if they are used too much.


The steep, narrow lanes that wind over the hills and through the woods are pretty and peaceful. They are part of what makes the Quantocks special, with their old-fashioned sign posts.

"How Many Miles?"

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The Railway

When the railway was built in 1862 people from all over the place could come and visit the Quantocks. The station was at Crowcombe Heathfield.

Main Roads

Today most people travel by road. There are only two main roads in the Quantocks, the A358 to Taunton and the A39 to Bridgwater. They run along each side of the Hills.


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