Durborough Farm

Durborough Farm, in Aisholt, is a small hill farm on the edge of the common. It keeps sheep, cattle and ponies. It is part of the Quantock SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). The farmer has won awards for her environmentally-friendly methods of farm management.

Farmer Janet White with her sheep.

The farm in Autumn. Janet keeps two hill ponies on the common and two on the farm.

The same view in Winter

"Winter Wonderland"

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A beautiful view from the hills down the valley to the sea.

Cows and calves grazing on the hill.

Ewes and their lambs in the safe, warm lambing pens.

A new-born lamb keeping extra warm in the farm kitchen

Every year the sheep are sheared to take off their wool.

"People are so Puzzling!"

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Then they are dipped into a special sheep bath.

In this field the grass has been cut to make hay.


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Black plastic bales full of haylage.

Hedges must be looked after to keep out the deer.

The cottage looks old, but it is new. It blends in with the old farm buildings.

A new cider apple orchard at Durborough farm

This marshy copse and stream is a good place for plants, birds and insects

All sorts of plants and creatures live in the old woods at Durborough

This sapling will grow into a great oak tree that will live for hundreds of years.

Visitors to the Quantocks can stay at the farm.