Buildings where visitors can stay

Not everyone is lucy enough to live on the Quantocks. Visitors may need somewhere to stay. Here are some buildings where people can, or could, stay as guests for a holiday or a visit. How many of these have you seen? Click to find out where they are.

  • The caravan park St Audries Bay. Lots of people come here in the summer.
    Visitors can stay in caravans …

  • At Durborough the old Granary building has been turned into a self-catering holiday cottage.
    …or rent a holiday cottage…

  • There are lots of signs here. Can you see the one that says B&B?
    …or have Bed and Breakfast in someone’s house...

…or stay in rooms in a pub…

  • People coming to Nether Stowey Market needed to stay overnight, so there are lots of pubs near the market place. Parts of the Rose and Crown Inn are over 500 years old.
  • These buildings, now part of the ‘Carew Arms’, used to be Crowcombe’s Market House.
  •  The Hood Arms, Kilve.
  • What do you think this pub in Kingston St Mary is called?

"What is Yellow?"

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…or hotels…

  • Alfoxton House was built in the 18th century as a private house. Now it is a hotel.