Buildings where people can meet

Some buildings are places where people can just meet together to pass the time or enjoy an activity.

Have you seen any of these buildings? Or been inside them?

  • Kingston St Mary Village Hall.
  • The village Hall in East Quantoxhead also contained some bathrooms (for washing, not swimming) and a library for local people to use.
  • Over Stowey Village Hall used to be the school…
  • …so did Aisholt and Merridge Village Hall.
  • The church centre in Nether Stowey (The old church is on the other side of the busy A39 road.)
  • Tynte Arms Enmore. Village Pubs are another favourite place for meeting to relax.
  • The Ancient Mariner Pub, Nether Stowey, opposite Coleridge Cottage. Coleridge wrote ‘The Ancient Mariner’.
  • The Market Place was always a good place to meet to catch up on news from the other villages. In Nether Stowey it’s still the place where all the village notices are displayed for people to see, below the clock tower.
  • The old school in Nether Stowey is now the library, and the AONB service has an office here. Visitors come here to find out about the Quantock Hills.
  • Fyne Court in the middle of Broomfield is another good place to meet up and enjoy a cup of tea and find  out about the Hills.