Shaped By Water

It rains a lot over the Quantock hills!

  • Walkers in the rain

    But, without water, there would be no living things on the Quantocks. Water has always been part of the scenery and it has helped to shape the Hills.

  • Rain over the hills

    When it rains, some of the water collects in ponds.

  • Dewpond

    Most of the rain soaks into the ground. Some is absorbed by the soil. Some sinks down into the rock beneath.

  • Fallen tree

    Trees and plants grow their roots into the ground to find the water.

  • Oak wood

    Oak trees, bracken and woodland plants all grow strong and green, thanks to the Quantock rain

  • The leaves spread out to trap sunlight

    The leaves spread out to trap sunlight

  • The leaves spread out to trap sunlight

    New clouds form over the hills.

    More of the water sinks down into the rock of the hill. Sometimes it springs and seeps out of the ground in other places, making patches of wet, boggy ground.

  • Boggy ground

    Years ago, people chose to settle near springs. The Quantock springs are so pure that some places still have their own spring-water supply.

    These springs feed into streams, They are a good habitat for freshwater plants and creatures including kingfishers.

  • A Stream flowing through fields

    The streams flow down the hill slopes in all directions. Some streams empty into the sea.

  • A stream flowing onto the beach.

    Water is more powerful than you might think! It can flow fast, carrying soil and rocks with it. Streams easily cut through soil.

  • A stream cutting through soil

    Water can change the shape of the land. Streams can even wear away rock, and carve out valleys.

  • A stream cutting through rock

    And the strong sea can alter the coast line, hurling itself, and stones, at the cliffs till they tumble into the waves.

  • More Quantock rain is on the way!

    Water evaporates from the surface of the sea, ending up as clouds again. More Quantock rain is on the way!

  • Rain map

    This map shows that it really does rain more over the Quantock Hills.