• Spider

There are many types of spiders. In the world of mini beasts they are 8-legged predaters! Some spiders make traps while others hunt and catch their prey. The ones you are most likely to notice are those that make webs. In the early morning when there is dew on the ground, you can sometimes see hundreds of spiders’ webs stretched across open spaces. These beautiful things are the insect-traps made by the orb-web spiders. When another insect gets caught in its web, the spider bites it and paralyses it. Then it injects it with chemicals that turn the insect’s body into liquid for eating.


  • Tick

Ticks are tiny blood-sucking members of the spider family. They have very strong mouth parts which they use to attach themselves to other animals like sheep, dogs or even people. Then they suck blood until they are so full that their bodies swell up. They live in bracken, woodland clearings and long grass, and are most active in spring time.