In soil


  • Earthworm

Earthworms. Worms eat soil. As the soil passes through their body they take in what they need. The rest gets left on the surface in a little pile as worm casts. They pull rotting leaves down into their tunnels and eat them underground. Worms are doing this all the time. They mix the soil around and make it more fertile. Some birds feed on worms, and drag them out of the ground to eat them. They are the main food of badgers. Hedgehogs, toads and moles eat them too.

In sand


Lugworms. Sometimes you will see fishermen digging in the sand on Kilve shore. They are looking for lugworms to use as fish bait. The lugworms live in the sand and eat by sucking the goodness out of the sand. You can tell where the lugworms are buried because they leave a little pile of sandy poo outside their burrows!