Ranger's notebook - Western Edge

Ranger's notebook. Section 6. Western Edge

  • Hills slope much more steeply on the western edge. This is where you find the highest points on the Quntocks - Wills Neck, Lydeard Hill, Beacon Hill.
  • Ploughing v. difficult! - instead pasture, small fields, woods, and parkland (look out for single old trees (veterans), follies, statues) and beech hedge banks.
  • Tilbury Park statue.

  • Unchanged environment, good for wildlife.
  • Water! Streams provide a convenient water supply ...>... People settled along the spring line ...>... Houses and villages cluster along the bottom of the slope. Makes sense, really.
  • Farmland fringes.

  • Red sandstone is the no. 1 building material along the western edge - lots of examples, & you can still see the old quarries.
  • Parkland valley.