Ranger's notebook - Plantations

Ranger's notebook. Section 5. Plantations

  • Forests of conifers, planted on heath, or where the old woodland had been cut down.
  • Older plantations can look out-of-place and unnatural - straight edges, trees all one age and type. Now, a mixture of types and ages of tree are grown - nicer to look at and better habitats for wildlife.
  • Ramscombe different ages of trees.
  • Activities in Ramscombe Forest.

  • Evergreen conifer forests shade out the sun - too dark for green plants to grow. But fungus do well - they don't need light - look out for fly agaric, boletus, jews ear fungus and puffballs.
  • Trees regularly cut down for timber - Heath plants grow well in the cleared areas.
  • Nightjars(summertime) and crossbills (winter time) find the food they want in the plantations.
  • Paths, tracks and grassy rides through the forests. Great for Walkers, horse riders, cyclists, so humans can enjoy the forest.
  • Good cover for deer, badgers, foxes, rabbits and grey squirrels. This is where birds of prey, e.g. buzzards, build their nests.