Bill Buzzard and friends

Welcome to the very special pages of me, Bill Buzzard, (aka the Quantock Hills Roving Reporter).

and my Quantock friends.

There’s Barbara the Sheep

and her friend Dora the Deer.

Adam the Adder (not as scary as you’d think)

Deirdre Dormouse (when she’s awake)

William Woodant and his too-many-to-count friends

and,during the summer, all the way from Africa, Piper the Pied Flycatcher.

Also (travelling through time), Lady Amelia Ammonite

and (believe it or not) the famous Quantock Dragon

We all love the Quantocks, so we’re going to help you get to know them in our own special way.

I’ve done celebrity interviews with all my friends for you. Click on Chats with Bill to find out more.

And I’ve asked each of my friends to take you on a quick tour of their favourite Quantocky things. Who knows what they will have come up with! Click on ‘Follow Bill and Co’ if you dare, and choose a tour.